The Power of Positive Habits

It’s the small, teeny, tiny things in life that create the most profound transformations. I constantly remind myself that “how you do one thing, is how you do everything”. Often listening to that mantra is all I need to force myself into action.

For those of you who have been following my journey you know I have been practicing what one of my mentors, Ange Peters calls MAGICAL MORNINGS. Since January of this year I have committed to practicing simple positive habits every morning, and it’s the small shifts that have been incredibly transformational.
Currently I am going into the second week of the Essential 30 Cleanse led by Ange Peters which has added a whole other layer of health & wellness for my post-baby body and MIND.
What has supported me the most in consciously changing negative habits into positive ones include:
✅Using my essential oils intuitively from the moment I wake up. Asking myself important questions like “HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL TODAY?”.
✅Taking the time to cook the most nutrient dense (mostly plant based) breakfast for my family.
✅Upping my water intake (I have 2 big Swell bottles always full so that cold, fresh, filtered water is always available). Our bodies are made up of mostly water. If you want everything to work at an optimal level drink nothing else but water.
✅Intentionally taking the highest vibrational supplements I’ve ever tried. Supplementation is key in living a high vibe life.
✅Sweating for 20 mins. MOVE your body in any way, shape, or form.
✅Turning off the news on turning on music or motivating podcasts.
✅Scheduling in relaxation everyday (yoga, massage, meditation, bath, getting my house cleaned).
✅Limiting screen time.
✅Unfollowing people who don’t align with my vibe.
Stepping into my activational energy, practicing positive daily habits, and choosing to be the highest version of myself doesn’t come easy and there are days when I have to physically force myself. Always remember that within the fire comes great transformation.
What other positive daily habits would you add to this list?

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