Restorative Yoga Rituals at the Spa

In Whistler we are blessed to have a gorgeous outdoor spa, http:// and I was inspired to share my restorative yoga rituals that I practice weekly at this spa.

First of all, let me remind you of the importance of self-care through this awesome TEDx Talk with Megan McCormick:

My mental, emotional, and physical hygiene demands a couple hours each week devoted to stillness, silence, and comfortable yoga poses. I truly believe that slowing down, and pausing amongst the chaos in life is a crucial skill set for growth in life and business. Personally, I find it necessary to schedule in my pauses throughout the week. When I schedule in my restorative rituals it shows that I value myself, and you must love yourself before you can love anything or anyone else.

Here is a list of my favourite restorative yoga poses that I love practicing at  the spa:

  1. I always start my restorative yoga circuit in the eucalyptus steam room. I begin in corpse pose. This pose symbolizes re-birth. Rumi describes this pose beautifully, “Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop”. I take a moment before I begin my restorative rituals to arrive, get grounded, and give thanks. When you flip you palms up in corpse pose you’re open to receive all the gifts waiting for you in the stillness and silence.
  2. After my first dip in the cold pool I proceed to the sauna where I put my legs up the wall. This pose supports the lymphatic system which amps up the detoxification process. This is an amazing pose for releasing tight hamstrings and tight lower backs. I then hop back into the cold pool.
  3. My next pose is supported fish with a block between my shoulder blades, and a block for my head. I rest in that shape in a warm solarium. You can put your legs in butterfly shape, or extend them straight. This postures allows all the stress in your neck and shoulders to melt away. At first you may feel confronted by the tension but I encourage you to become a witness and watch the tension resolve itself.
  4. I return to the steam room to enjoy pigeon pose unlocking all the build up in my hips which often contributes to an overall sense of wellbeing.
  5. I take another dip in the cold pool and then enjoy the sauna one last time. I set myself up in thread the needle to melt any residual build up in my hips. I conclude my restorative yoga circuit exactly where I started, in corpse pose. In those final peaceful moments I begin to feel gratitude flood my inner body landscape, and this magnificent light begins to shine from deep within. It’s in these subtle and profound moments I realize the importance of restorative yoga rituals.

What restorative yoga rituals do you practice and how they have influence your life in a positive way?

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*** Be sure to consult your health care professional before starting any yoga program.

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