Pictures in Yoga Class, Please no More

Picture taking in yoga classes is a hot topic these days, I want to start off by saying that I am guilty of doing this in the past but vow never to snap a pic of my students without their consent ever again.

This blog, about the negative impacts of taking pictures of your yoga students while in shavasana has been on my mind for a while now. I don’t know about you, but seeing pictures posted on social media of people in shavasana makes my skin crawl. I totally love before and after yoga photos, photography at free public yoga events, even photos when you have people’s permission but I don’t think it is the right time for photos when people are in the middle of the most intimate yoga pose, shavasana.

As a yoga teacher, you are responsible for holding space for your students to find union between mind, body, and heart. As a yoga teacher, you create a safe and sacred environment always encouraging others to share in the vulnerability of being in the moment. As a yoga teacher, you lead by example and I think that taking a photo while your students are in shavasana demonstrates distraction and ego.

It is always a good idea to connect to your intention behind taking a photo in a yoga class. Is your intention to self-promote? If yes, I encourage you to find deeper and more profound way to market yourself and your yoga business. Facebook Live or Instagram stories before and after your yoga class describing your teachings can add so much more value to your community then posting a picture of people in a sacred shape. New yoga teachers, please always ask your students for permission to take photos in class. Always treat taking pictures in your yoga class as you would treat hands on adjustments, always asking for consent first.

Lastly, remember that your job as a yoga teacher is to “demonstrate to students that the real practice is much more than the asana practice by staying present—without attachment to the effect of the practice and the teaching on your career”. ~ Alexis Marbach

What are your thoughts as yoga teachers, practitioners, and students on picture taking in yoga classes?


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  1. OMG ANDREA YAAAASSS!!!! I’m so glad you wrote this and are taking a stand! SO important to hold a safe, healing, space for students where they can are free to drop their guard!

  2. A round of applause for your article post. Keep writing. Marjie Jay Radferd