Connect to your Spirit with Three Simple Practices

I had a number of students stop me after yoga practice this morning to tell me that the class I just taught was made for them! With this reaction I had to share the experience with all of you!!

As everyone came to their seat I had them apply a small amount of peppermint essential oil (diluted with coconut oil) on their temples & third eye (avoiding eyes, ears, and nose). I find that the high menthol content of dōTERRA’s peppermint oil instantaneously opens my mind and helps me shift from a limited state of how I see & experience the world to an expansive state of how I see & experience the world. I hope the combination of yoga & high grade essential oils can do the same for you in this practice.

Giving my students a few minutes to sit & sink into their practice I shared this:

“Develop a mind that is vast like space, where experiences both pleasant and unpleasant can appear and disappear without conflict, struggle, or harm. Rest in a mind like vast sky.” ~ Buddha

After instructing everyone into reclined butterfly shape over a bolster I encouraged them to visualize the vastness of the universe in their minds. I asked them to occupy every corner of their mind with big, empty space. Jack Kornfield talks about opening ones mind to its widest angle in his meditation “A Mind Like Sky”. In practicing this idea we begin to cultivate awareness that we are not our limited, judgemental, worried, unfocused mind, rather, we come to understand that we are simply just the observer of our mind and we have the opportunity to re-program the way we experience the world without resistance so that we can “rest in a mind like the vast sky”(Buddha).

After spending five minutes in reclined butterfly pose propped up on a bolster I had everyone return slowly to a seated posture for some neck release, torso rotation, and seated cat/cows. We then returned for another five minutes in relined butterfly with or without the support of a bolster.

Throughout the practice I encouraged my students to notice the state of their mind without judging it, to continue practicing being the observer, and to be empowered to shift their mindset whenever it got caught up in limited ways of seeing, thinking, and experiencing the world. The more we practice visualizing a vast landscape of quiet & cool spaciousness occupying the mind, the more it becomes our reality in all avenues of our lives.

After exiting slowly from reclined butterfly pose I had the students transition onto hand & knees for shoulder & hip swaying, cat/cows, and a few restorative breaths in down dog.

The next five minutes was devoted to child’s pose with a bolster for extra comfort. This is a beautiful place to relish in gratitude for a practice that holds space for one to connect to the most peaceful  version of themselves.

Lastly, I had everyone come back to a comfortable seat & meditate for 3 minutes followed by a ten minute shavasana. Be sure to let go of your practice in shavasana finding contentment with exactly where & who you are.

Where & when do you feel most connected with your spirit?

Xx Andrea



Disclamer: Please get your doctors advise if pregnant, under doctor care, new to yoga & essential oils before starting any new practices. 

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